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Post Construction Deep Cleaning

If you've ever tackled cleaning your home's windows, you know how time consuming it can be and how physically demanding it is from digging out ladders and equipment.

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You’ve just purchased a home and have done the necessary renovations to make it your dream house. You have renovated the Kitchen, Bathrooms, re-sanded the floors, painted, and have your new furniture on standby ready to be delivered. The contractors are finished, and you have now realized there is dust everywhere, cardboard boxes, paint & spackle on the floors, the inside of the cabinets filled with dust, and the floors covered with dust.
Moving into a newly constructed or renovated house is truly an exciting experience, but at the same time, a tiring and cumbersome process too. It would be best to ensure the house has been thoroughly cleaned, and disinfected after its construction before finally moving in. This is when a professional cleaning provider gets into the picture. Post Construction Cleaning is a must to guarantee no speck of construction debris is left in your home as well as to ensure the safety of those moving in it. Seneida’s Home Cleaning Services is here to help your home make the transition from a messy construction site to a safe livable home!! We know it has been a lengthy process and you are ready to move in; therefore, you should not stress, simply call the best and let Seneida’s handle the rest. Seneida’s Post Construction Cleaning, IF EMPTY includes the above Initial Deep Cleaning checklist in addition to the tasks below.

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