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With recurring service you will never have to worry about the unexpected and your home will be clean and ready, recurring service will get your home tidy so you enjoy your time.

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Seneida’s Home Cleaning Services of Hudson & Union County offers Recurring General Cleaning Services. Once our Initial Deep Cleaning is conducted; clients will be able to set up recurring services on a Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly basis. Clients will be provided an established recurring rate based on a specific scope of work and a recurring service rotation. The fix rate given to client’s correlates with the estimated time of how long a General Cleaning for their home should take. All flat rates will be honored if the home is clutter free prior to our arrival. During Recurring Services, we don’t repeat the initial Deep Cleaning duties; we sustain and maintain them. Seneida’s Home Cleaning Services will allow clients to pick their preferred day and time of the week; our company will always try to accommodate all scheduling requests as always providing unparalleled customer service.

Things To Know

• All recurring service rates are based on a recurring rotation; Therefore if a client switches from a Weekly to a BI-Weekly Service their rate will increase. If a client changes from a Monthly to a BI-Weekly service their rate will decrease.

• Clients are expected to maintain homes to a certain standard for services to be provided at a set rate. If it is not, service rate may be increased or switched to an hourly rate.

• If service is continuously skipped; the rate will be increased to the next service tier. Any home serviced after 6 weeks from their prior service will be conducted on an hourly rate.

• Continuous last-minute cancellations: will result in service termination.

• Although it rarely occurs Seneida’s Home Cleaning Services will provide clients a service prior with a written notice of any rates increase.

Intensive Deep Cleaning

Hoarding disorder is a persistent difficulty discarding or parting with possessions because of a perceived need to save them. A person with hoarding disorder experiences distress at the thought of getting rid of the items. Seneida’s discretion, expertise, and integrity makes us the right company for such a project. Seneida’s Intensive Deep Cleaning is a full and complete cleaning of the home with extra attention to detail in decluttering and organizing. Every Intensive Deep Cleaning project unique in all aspects and will be treated as such, regarding cleaning procedures, required equipment & supplies as well as the cost of service. In the event a home requires such an Intensive Deep Cleaning, please be advised of the following.

Onsite Estimate is Required: To provide an accurate estimate; Seneida’s must inspect the scope of work to provide a project cost. Management will develop a cleaning plan so that our professionals may conduct service in the safest, effective, and most efficient manner possible. Once the onsite estimate is conducted management will contact client to go over options.

Onsite Family Member is Required: It is extremely challenging and time-consuming working with an individual that has a hoarding disorder; to help us successfully complete such a project a family member is required to be onsite.

Secure Valuables: Please separate and secure all important belongs as Seneida’s will not be responsible for any items that are presumed to be garage and are thrown away.

Trash Removal: Seneida’s will place all garage on the curb or outside client’s property. We do not remove the garage from the client’s property. Kindly be advised Seneida’s will not held responsible for any city fines.

X: Seneida’s will not clean any feces, vomit, blood, or any home that has pest infestation. Please contact our office to address any of these matters and we can find a solution.